USD/CAD reached target level 1.0232; EUR/USD to fall to 1.3013 in 3 days

by Admin

Lat Friday USD/CAD reached the target level 1.0232 that was given for this pair in the trade opportunity alert that I received last Monday, through Autochartist’s email subscription (which is shown below). As this trade alert suggested, USD/CAD spent all of the week moving strongly up – reaching the target level 1.0232 on Friday – in precisely the same time that was specified for the completion of this forecast – in the next 5 days.

Forex Update

As you can see from the next trade opportunity alert for EUR/USD that I received previously, the price is set to reach the level 1.3013 in the following 3 trading days – as a consequence of the earlier breakout of the Up Channel chart pattern identified by Autochartist on the daily charts. The stop-level for this forecast is set at 1.3712 (point B, the top of the aforementioned Up Channel). The target level 1.3013 (point A) is the last reversal point of the lower support trendline of this chart pattern. The downward sloping moving average increases the probability that EUR/USD will soon reach 1.3013.