New Highs, Forex Signals Daily Intermarket Component

by Joe Oliver, Forex Trading-Pips

How to Implement Intermarket Analysis in Your Forex Trading for Superior Risk Adjusted Returns

Forex Trading-Pips  Daily Intermarket Signals Component of our Forex Signals Program recently hit new highs following strong moves in CAD, EUR and GBP.

Below is the combined equity curve of our Daily Intermarket Component which trades all major forex pairs: EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD and CAD.

Forex Signals, Intermarket Component 3

Forex Signals, Daily Intermarket Component

Early June we covered our euro short and reversed long booking +843 pips profit. Then on 6/13/12 we went short Euro booking a further 70 pips profit in euro currency.

EUR.USD Intermarket

EUR.USD  daily forex intermarket

EUR.USD daily forex intermarket

GBP.USD  has been performing equally well: we took some heat on our GBP shorts in April however the May collapse produced strong gains and we booked profits of +376 pips on 6/7/2012.

GBP.USD Intermarket

GBP.USD daily forex intermarket

GBP.USD daily forex intermarket

Results on USD.CAD have been exceptional over the past 12 months. Despite extremely choppy conditions in Canadian dollar our Forex Intermaket Signals component has caught virtually every swing. We entered long USD.CAD on 3/9/12 and are currently sitting on +350 pips profit.

USD.CAD Intermarket

USD.CAD daily forex intermarket

USD.CAD daily forex intermarket

For more information on how you can implement Intermarket Analysis in your Trading, enroll now in a  risk free trial of our Forex Signals Program.