Forex Trading Signals, + 659 Pips on Euro Short

by Joe Oliver, Forex Trading-Pips

Forex Trading Signals Update: +659 Pips booked on Euro Shorts!

The Forex-Pips Forex Trading Signals Program recently exited our trend following position short euro, netting us 659 pips over a three month period.* Take a look at the Euro futures chart below showing trade entry (red down arrow) and trade exit (X).

Forex Trading Signals: EUR/USD shorts book +659 Pips!

Forex Trading Signals EUR Futures Daily Bars

Forex Trading Signals EUR Futures Daily Bars

The Trend Following component of our Forex Trading Signals Program profits from the ‘meat within the move’. Trend following never catch absolute market tops, nor market bottoms…

We let the trend dictate our trade bias (long or short), then actively probe the market from this position until we catch a breakout move, as we have done on euro.

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. Forex, Futures, Options and Stock trading involves high risks, with the potential for substantial losses, and is not suitable for all persons. Past performance is no guarantee of future performances or success.