Forex Signals Update, New Highs DAILY Forex Intermarket Signals

by Joe Oliver, Forex Trading-Pips

Forex Intermarket Trading Signals Update

The DAILY Forex Intermarket component of our Forex Signals Program has recently broken out to all time highs, boosted by strong trading performance in the British pound, Canadian dollar and the Swiss franc.

Intermarket DAILY Forex Signals

Intermarket DAILY Forex Signals












Many Forex traders are currently struggling to make money using traditional trend following trading strategies due to ‘constrained’ financial market conditions and low trend volatility. By employing a powerful counter trend filter to our DAILY Intermarket Forex Signals we are putting ourselves on the right side of the whipsaw volatility plaguing so many other Forex traders in the markets today.

Note the recent choppy conditions in GBP.USD together with our Forex Signals Trade Entry /  Exit points on the chart of GBP.USD below (Signals transmitted live to our subscribers in real time, please click chart to enlarge). Green Up Arrow = Long, Red Down Arrow = Short.  We are always in the market either long or short in our Intermarket trading.

GBP.USD Forex Intermarket Signals

GBP.USD DAILY Intermarket

GBP.USD DAILY Intermarket Signals (Click Chart to Enlarge)

We control trade risk in all of our Intermarket trading through advanced position sizing. We do not use stop losses on this component of our program. Stops are often hunted out in the Forex markets, and reduce trading performance.

The following chart of USD.CHF is case in point. Note our short trade entry on July 6th 2012: if we had used stops on this trade we would likely have been stopped out and missed out on a 400+ pips decline in USD.CHF.

USD.CHF Signals

USD.CHF DAILY Intermarket Signals (Click Chart to Enlarge)

USD.CHF DAILY Intermarket Signals (Click Chart to Enlarge)












Take a look at the chart below of USD.CAD, yet another example of stops being taken out prior to a big move in the markets. On March 9th 2012 we entered Long USD.CAD @ 0.9901. In early May 2012 we took some heat on our position while other long traders were stopped out, just prior to a decent move that ultimately booked us over 300 pips.

USD.CAD Forex Intermarket Signals

USD.CAD DAILY Intermarket

USD.CAD DAILY Intermarket Signals (Click Chart to Enlarge)












Many traders complain that not using stops is just ‘too risky’. We argue that using stops on certain trade setups can actually increase risk.  It is this line of thinking that helps to line the pockets of traders who better understand how to control risk in the Forex markets. Intermarket Money Management and Position Sizing are an integral component of our Forex Signals Program.