Euro Currency EXPLODES Higher +992 PIPS Open Profits in Our Forex Signals Program

by Joe Oliver, Forex Trading-Pips

Euro currency continued to EXPLODE higher on Wednesday producing significant gains across our Momentum and Intermarket Trading Signals Components.

We are currently holding accumulated open profits in the euro of +300 PIPS in our Trend Following (System 1), +42 PIPS in our Volatility Breakout (System 2) and+650 PIPS in our DAILY Intermarket Signals (System 4).

Intermarket is one the best ways to trade in the Forex markets today and constitutes the largest component of our Forex Signals Program. Below is a chart of EUR.USD showing our LONG trade entry in our Daily Intermarket Signals, 12/10/2012.

EURUSD DAILY Intermarket

EURUSD DAILY Intermarket

Our goal First and Foremost at Forex Trading-Pips  is to protect against downside risk.  We control risk to the maximum extent possible by trading multiple systems, time frames and markets with robust risk management across each and every position.

Risk management is an integral component of our Forex Signals Program and we make advanced Position Sizing technology available to all of our Signals Clients.

Trading Multiple Systems , Time-frames and Markets with strict position sizing serves to reduce our total account volatility, however there are times when all systems align in our favor and can create the kind of violent upside gains that we are now seeing in our Euro positions.