eToro Update: Low Exposure Traders in the Past Quarter

by Forex Trading-Pips

eToro Update: Low Exposure eToro Traders in the Past Quarter, an analysis by Antonis

This analysis has more traders than gurus depending on the time frame used.  The analysis is on low exposure traders using a maximum of 25% Exposure with a Winning Ratio of at least 70%.  They are trading on their own thus using a 0% Copy Ratio and have over 100% Gain Percentage.  They have at least 70% profitable weeks and a Max Weekly Drawdown of 36%.  I did a quarterly and 6-month analysis and found the following results.

Parameters are changed during each analysis….

The following traders are in the Quarterly and Six Month Analysis.

aaash2010 – Focus is mostly on the $USD/CHF

aaash2010 3aaash2010 6

SSStock – Focus is mostly on the $EUR/JPY

SSStock 3SSStock 6

ajaiswal7 – Focus is mostly on the $EUR/USD

 ajaiswal7 3ajaiswal7 6

The following traders are in the Quarterly Analysis Only.

hiddenking – Focus is mostly on the $GBP/USD – Social Guru

hiddenking 3

gaetanigno77 – Focus is mostly on the $NZD/USD – Social Guru

gaetanigno77 3

nethajisevu – Focus is mostly on the $EUR/USD

nethajisevu 3

….More at Low Exposure Traders in the Past Quarter

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