CAD/CHF 1H Chart Emerging Pattern: Rectangle

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GBP/JPY 1H Chart

Emerging Pattern: Channel Down

GBP/JPY has formed a Channel Down on a 1H chart. Right now the currency pair is heading towards the upper edge of the pattern at 143.78, since it has recently bounced off the down-trend support line at 141.35. In the meantime there is indecision both among the technical indicators and in the sentiment of market participants.


EUR/HKD 1H Chart

Emerging Pattern: Double Bottom

EUR/HKD has formed a Double Bottom on a 1H chart. The price has finally reached the neckline of the pattern, behaviour of the pair at which will determine whether EUR/HKD will quickly advance towards the initial target at 10.2895 or return back to a support line at 10.2151. According to the traders’ sentiment, the Euro is expected to continue depreciating.


CAD/CHF 1H Chart

Emerging Pattern: Rectangle

CAD/CHF has formed a Rectangle on a 1H chart throughout the last 313 bars, as the currency couple has lately found a strong resistance level at 0.9228 and a an equally strong support level at 0.9082. Both of them are anticipated to define movement of the price in the near future, but a majority of traders (65%) foresee a rally.